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Based 20 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia, Genuine Financial Solutions has provided accounting and tax services across multiple industries in over 30 states for over 2 decades. Genuine Financial Solutions was founded by certified public accountant (CPA) Diane Poe who, after serving several years as CFO in a Fortune 500 healthcare company, was inspired to build a private accounting practice serving the vastly underserved transportation industry.

Because of our reputation for prompt, trustworthy and reliable service, most of our clients come to us by referral. While we do have an advertising budget, these reputation-based referrals have allowed us to concentrate our resources toward continuous growth and development of a top-notch team and investing in state-of-the-art resources that add value to the services we provide. We serve sole proprietors and large-scale employers and because of our ability to leverage hi-tech accounting and finance platforms, our reach is virtually unlimited.

From single owner-operators to large trucking companies, we have a substantial number of clients in the transportation industry. Our ability to scale the services we offer and provide them where and when they are needed sets us apart from other accounting and tax firms.

The Genuine Financial Solutions team

Scalable Comprehensive Accounting & Tax Solutions for Business

Cultivating client-centered, success-driven relationships and well-tailored solutions is our top priority. Ours is not the one-size-fits-all approach. While tax preparation and filing is one of our essential offerings, we offer a broad range of business solutions and consultation services that add value to our clients and help their companies meet their goals and objectives.


Business Consulting

Decisions about how your business is structured and operated has profound implications on day-to-day and future operations and requires careful consideration in terms of regulatory compliance, liability and risk. By gaining a thorough understanding of your business and goals, we can provide the clarity needed to structure your business for success while minimizing personal risk.

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Financial Consulting

Businesses must assure a high degree of stability and sustainable growth in order to achieve and maintain success. While creativity and drive are often at the heart of any business, an organization without working capital is rarely stable or unlikely to grow. Leveraging our multi-industry experience and expertise, we establish your company's financial health and provide you with real-time, actionable insights to support your business strategy.

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Payroll & Tax

Payroll and tax compliance is labor-intensive and ultimately results in lost productivity. The risk of fees and penalties due to improper and late filings as well as employee dissatisfaction and turnover due to payment errors can have catastrophic consequences. Our expertise and experience in managing these essential functions has allowed us to serve countless satisfied clients from coast to coast and across multiple industries.

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The Genuine Financial Solutions Team

Diane Poe, Founder and Principal at Genuine Financial Solutions
Diane Poe

Founder and Principal

Tiffany Grace, Human Resources Director at Genuine Financial Solutions
Tiffany Grace

Human Resources Director

Beth Plummer, Account Manager at Genuine Financial Solutions
Beth Plummer

Operations Manager

Michelle Mullis, Account Manager at Genuine Financial Solutions
Michelle Mullis

Account Manager


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